Robert Davis isn't your typical serial entrepreneur.

His professional career began in the snowboard manufacturing industry for a company that would ultimately be acquired by K2 Sports. There, he worked his way up and was offered the prestigious role of the factory's vice president of operations.

He turned it down.

Why? Because he had a vision that the factory's location wouldn't last. He instinctively knew that the industry was saturated, and to be globally competitive, K2 would have to relocate its factory overseas.

Robert realized that what K2 needed was a cost-effective, on-demand printing method for plastics and fabrics; this is when his first company, Avid Ink, was founded.

Over the next decade, Robert founded several other companies, boasting over 180 employees, and two Southern California locations, and grew annual sales from $250,000 to $24 million with a $3-4 million EBITDA.

Today, Robert uses his vast experience and insights to advise startups and existing businesses, helping his clients to build, grow or expand their companies by turning ideas into concrete, actionable steps that yield revenue, repeat customers, and increased cash flow.

He is also always on the lookout for companies in which he can invest or acquire, helping to transform and positively evolve them.

A Southern California native, Robert pursued his degree in Mass Communications from San Jose State University, and earned a certificate of mediation from Pepperdine School of Law, but considers his nearly two decades or experience in "Founder's University of California" to be an equivalent MBA and the most valuable education he has received.