As your business architect, Y7 will reengineer and align your business to realize its potential and your vision.



Structure + Growth + Investment

Business Architects

As a Business Architect and Investor, Y7 Collective will bring forward the raw energy and inspiration that created the business. We provide just the right amount of structure needed to commercialize the start-up passion, growing businesses with great ideas and turn them into concrete actionable steps that yield revenue, repeat customers and increased cash flow.

Forward Momentum

What’s unique about Y7 Collective is our ability to listen and deeply understand the vision and goals of the business owners, and listen to each member of the team, from CEO to the executives and managers. We meet them, speak their language, and effectively harness the collective wisdom within the organization.

How we work

Here are some examples of how we do that:

  • Establish Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • Build a Business Plan With Integrated optimized multi-step manufacturing processes
  • Create New Market Entry/Diversification
  • Preserve Continuous Manufacturing Innovation
  • Drive Forecasting & Trends
  • Energize Culture Creation and Maintenance
  • Structure Complete Supply Chain Management
  • Stimulate Culture Creation and Maintenance
  • Develop Speed to Market/Brand Awareness
  • Foster Customer Penetration/Market Dominance
  • Ensure National and International (export) Footprint
  • Maintain Intellectual Property Development and Protection